This Website is dedicated to structured learning about Financial Market Infrastructures and Payments. These are important topics, yet not many Economics or Finance students encounter them during their studies.  An exception are students at Tilburg University (The Netherlands) as they can take a course on the fascinating multidisciplinary field of financial market infrastructures and payments based on an introductory textbook.    

The purpose of this textbook on Financial Market Infrastructures and Payments is to provide students with a structured way of learning about financial market infrastructures and payments. The organizing principle of the textbook is a meta-phorical Warehouse. It has been written using the experience of my FMI-lectures in the Bachelor and Master Economics at Tilburg University since 2011. This textbook has been written because a major goal of my Chair at Tilburg University, called Financial Market Infrastructures, is to disseminate this knowledge to the widest audience possible. The textbook is now available to all who want to know more about how financial value is exchanged in an economy, which inherent risks loom inside the Warehouse, and how it is supervised.

Ron Berndsen

Professor of Financial Market Infrastructures

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