CCP Academic Literature Database

CCP Academic Literature Database

Welcome to the database on academic literature regarding central counterparties (CCPs). There are at present four versions of the database (see list below). The methodology is explained in the item on the bottom of the list. The peer-reviewed article is Berndsen (2021). The most recent review of the CCP literature can be found at the top. You are free to download the documents. If you use them, please provide the proper reference.

Update 2023: presents the update of the CCP literature with cut-off date December 2022

Update 2022: presents the update with cut-off date December 2021

Berndsen (2021): Published version of the literature overview in Journal of Futures Markets

Berndsen (2020): Original review with the methodology in Tilburg University working paper

In case I have missed an article, or you have seen or written a new one, or you have a question, please send me an email so I can keep the database up-to-date or respond.